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Tensco Lockers

Tennsco Gym Locker Features

Durable Finish:  A tough power coated finish keeps its good looks for years

Hat Shelf:  Handy shelf for personal storage of hats, gloves, toiletries, books, etc.

Heavy Duty Frame:  Welded door frame is constructed of 16 gauge steal for added rigidity.

Large Color Selection:  A wide range of colors is available to blend with any office, school of industrial setting.

Choice of Welded or Unassembled Versions:  Steel lockers are available welded ready to use or can arrive unassembled for added cost savings.

Ventilation Louvers:  Contemporary styled louvers at top and bottom for ventilation of contents.

Single Tier Gym Lockers

Single Tier Lockers

Single Tier gym lockers are roomy enough for just about any secured storage application.  the single tier lockers are our most popular general purpose lockers in schools factories, hospitals, and other locations where shop coats and work clothing are stored.

Triple Tier Gym Lockers

Triple Tier Gym Lockers

Triple tier gym lockers are ideal for health clubs, gymnasiums, and other applications where ample storage must be balanced with space savings.  These units fit three times as many lockers in the space of a single tier locker.

Gym Locker Locks

Gym Locker Locks

Choose from three types of locks for your lockers.

Gym Locker Benches

Gym Locker Benches

Locker Benches/Pedestals A clear lacquer finish protects these 1" thick laminated maple benches. Heavy duty steel pedestals have an enamel finish to match your lockers. Benches are 9 " wide and 36" to 144" long.

Choice of Leg Options:  Steel lockers are available with or with out legs.  Optional front and end bases available to enclose base.

Door Stiffeners:  Full Length steel door reinforcements add rigidity and dampen noise.

Recessed handles:  Inset handle design is vandal resistant, and leaves nothing protruding into aisles.  Comes standard with power coated finish; optional stainless steel is also available.

Positive Latching Mechanism:  Smooth latching mechanism securely latches the door for added security.

Locking Bar:  Steel locking bar offers high strength, while polymer latches and retainers provide quite latching operation.

Double Leaf Hinge:  Extra strong five knuckle hinge with secured pin offers added content protection and long life.

Rubber Bumpers:  Door closing noise is effectively dampened with carefully placed bumpers

Two Tier Gym Lockers

Tennsco Lockers

Double tier gym lockers feature two openings per locker giving you twice as many lockers in the same space, yet providing plenty of hanging room for shirts and jackets.  Perfect for a Gym

Tennsco Box Gym Lockers

Box Lockers

Tennsco box gym lockers are ideal for securely storing smaller items like purses, lunches, books, and athletic gear.

Gym Locker Name Plates

Gym Locker Name Plates

Number/Name Plates Number plates provide order and a clean finished look. Field-installed plate with plastic shield for custom identification comes standard. Factory numbered plates installed as no cost option.

E System Sales, Inc.

Providing sales of new Tennsco Gym lockers for the gym and work place all along the Eastern Seaboard in states and cities like New York, Bronx, Long Island, Queens, Hempstead, New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, all of Florida from the Pan Handle of Florida, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Miami,

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